Cover Letter Samples

Here are some cover letter samples that will give you some inspiration for writing your own cover letters.

While it can be very helpful to look at and get inspiration from an example, I always recommend that my clients wait until they have written the first draft before they look at any examples.

It's important that your letters are a good reflection of you, your communication style and your own specific skills related to the job you are seeking. If you look at several examples before you write your first draft, it could become quite difficult for you to write your own letter in your own words. You may find a sample that looks great and is a good fit for your needs. However, when you sit down to write your own letter, you'll struggle to find your own words because the words and phrases from the samples you reviewed will be at the top of your mind.

So do use these samples for help in polishing up your cover letter, but ideally, you'd be smart to write a first draft first.

Administrative Assistant Example
New Graduate, Limited Work Experience Example

Referral Cover Letter Sample
This is a sample referral letter, but it could easily be modified to work for an advertised job or a cold contact cover letter. It reflects the skills and experience of a job seeker with a background in education.

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