Sample Cover Letter for a New Graduate

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Here is a sample cover letter for a recent university graduate who has limited work experience.

This job seeker has spent some time teaching English overseas, but his goal is to launch a career in a new field that is unrelated to teaching.

One you've read through the example letter, scroll down to see a detailed description of the important features of the letter.

Joe Newgrad
000 Anywhere Street, City, State
(555) 000-0000

Current Date (Month Day, Year)

Ms. H. Anyone
Fake Business Development Center
000 Any Street
GenericTown, State Zip Code

Dear Ms. Anyone:

Please accept the enclosed resume in application for the special projects assistant position as advertised in the (note where you hear about the job). I understand your office offers exceptional resources to business owners, and I would welcome the opportunity to work within your organization.

As a recent graduate of Bogus University, I am keenly interested in putting my research, writing and analytical skills to work in the area of local community business development. I have lived in GenericTown for the majority of my life, and I have a deep understanding and appreciation for the unique characteristics of the local area. Through my post-secondary education, I developed strong research skills, and I have been complimented many times on my writing style.

While teaching English overseas to non-English speaking students and with a non-English speaking supervisor, I quickly developed clear, concise communication. My work style could best be described as focused and analytical, with the ability to manage multiple projects and responsibilities. I am dependable, flexible and maintain a positive outlook.

In addition to the specific education, abilities and experience listed on my resume, I have strong interpersonal and organizational skills, and I am committed to achieving high standards of quality in my work.

Thank you for taking the time to review my resume. I am available at your convenience for an interview.



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Joe Newgrad

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Remember, this sample will probably not fit your own situation exactly, but the value behind reviewing an example is to gain ideas and inspiration that you can then translate into your own letter that will express your own unique qualifications.

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