What is the True Colors Personality Test?

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The True Colors personality test is a fun career personality test that is often administered in an informal group setting.

It is a very simple test which helps you to determine which of four personality types most resemble your own personality. Personalities are broken down into four types which are very briefly summarized below.

Personality Types According to True Colors Personality Test

  • Blue - People who are blue are compassionate, warm and nurturing. They value harmonious relationships and seek deeper meaning in life and self understanding.
  • Green - People who identify with the green personality type are curious, mentally strong and rational. Knowledge is power to an individual who is green.
  • Gold - Golds are traditional, dependable and goal oriented. They respect rules and enjoy feeling a sense of belonging within society and groups.
  • Orange - People who identify with this group are spontaneous, adventurous, enjoy hands on activities and value freedom. They are open minded, playful and flexible.

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In most True Colors group sessions, you will complete a simple questionnaire and then rank the colors from the one that most resembles you to the one that least resembles you. Once everyone in the group has determined their dominant color, the group leader will lead you through fun and enlightening exercises that can really deepen your understanding of yourself and the way you relate to others.

The exercises in a session can vary depending upon the goal of the session.

True Colors can be used to help achieve a variety of goals such as:

  • career planning
  • team building
  • stress management

No matter what the primary goal of the session is, you should come away with an appreciation for your own personality, your strengths and challenges. You'll typically also have a sense of the value of others who have personalities different from your own.

True Colors test is quite simple, and there are career personality tests, like the Myers Briggs personality test, which delve deeper into understanding your personality. The strength of the True Colors personality test lies in its use in a group setting and its ability to help build deeper understanding and acceptance between people.

There are books about True Colors, and it is possible to do the True Colors test on your own to get a deeper understanding of yourself and how you relate to others in your life.

To be fair, I haven't read any of the True Colors books, and my own experiences with the True Colors personality test were always in a group setting. However, in my opinion, True Colors is best experienced as it was intended - in a group setting.

If you can find a True Colors group in your area - try your local employment resource center to start - they are fun and enlightening sessions that are time well spent.

If you cannot find a group in your area, and you want to use a book to complete a career personality test on your own, in my opinion, you would be better off with a career personality book based on the Myers Briggs personality test, such as Do What You Are, which is more in depth and not dependent on the group process.

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