Student Resume Format

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Here is a sample student resume format to give you a sense of how a resume format for students will typically look once it is correctly structured.

Susan Anybody 
123 Anywhere Street, City, State
(555) 000-0000


State the type of work you are seeking, and make note of a few of the most important skills you can offer an employer.


  • Include a summary of skills next. This means your are writing a combination resume, which is normally the best resume style for students. 
  • Include five to eight of your most marketable skills and accomplishments here. 
  • Ensure the skills you list are relevant to the type of job you are seeking. 
  • Be as specific as possible. 
  • If you want to highlight more than about eight skills, divide this section into two or three shorter sections with headings that fit with the skills you've highlighted.


Bachelor of Arts, English Degree expected May 2016 
Anywhere College, City, State

  • List your education before your work experience. If you are a college or university student, your education is probably your most important selling feature at this stage in your career. 
  • Note relevant information (specific course work, academic honors you have received) in bulleted point form if that information is relevant to the job you are seeking.

High School Diploma 2012 
Any High School, City, State

  • List your high school diploma on your resume if you have not graduated from college. Once you have graduated from college, you should not include your high school diploma on your resume. 
  • High school diplomas have different specific names depending on your location. Provide the official name of the diploma you received. 
  • Note any academic honors you received in high school.


Student Intern June 2013-present 
ABC Company, City, State

  • There are several different student resume formats that are effective. 
  • Because students often don't have a lot of paid experience in their field of choice, the heading "Relevant Experience" can be effective. It allows you to group all of your experience (volunteer, internships and paid experience) that is relevant to the job you are seeking into one section on your resume. 
  • You may also choose to use separate headings such as "Internships" or "Community Involvement" if you have a lot of experience and need to separate items a bit to make your resume more readable.

Volunteer Newspaper Editor September 2013-present 
XYZ Student Newspaper, City, State

  • If you group all of your relevant experience into one heading, never, ever try to imply that volunteer work was paid employment.

Research Assistant September 2013-May 2014 
Professor Anyone, Anywhere College, City, State

  • Describe your experience as it relates to the type of job you are currently seeking.


Barista 2014 to present 
Anywhere Coffee House, City, State

  • If you use the heading "Relevant Experience" to group all of your experience that is related to the job you are seeking, then list other, less relevant work experience under the heading "Additional Experience".

Server 2010 to 2012 
Hometown Restaurant, City, State

  • It is not necessary to go into detail describing these jobs because they are not relevant to the work you are currently seeking.

The most important thing to keep in mind when designing a student resume format is to get your most important selling features to the top of your resume. This means, for most students, you'll want to list your education ahead of your paid work experience.

It also means that, if you're like most students, and your internships and volunteer experience are more relevant than your paid work experience, you'll need to list those internships and/or volunteer experiences ahead of paid word experience on a student resume.

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