Student Job Search Strategies

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In an ideal situation, your student job search will begin before entering the college of your choice, or at least early in your college career. When conducting a job search there are some factors that students should bear in mind:

Start Career Planning Early

Don't wait until the end of your senior year to consider job options and begin your job search. In your first years of college, you can prepare yourself for a successful job search by:

  • Visiting the career center on campus, speaking with the staff there and getting career planning tips.
  • Attending campus job fairs and speaking with employers to get a sense of the labor market and employers' expectations in your chosen field.
  • Exploring a variety of industries to determine areas and industries that interest you.

Build Experience and Skills

Don't let a lack of practical experience limit your career when you graduate; there are plenty of effective ways to get relevant, practical work related experience. You can easily attain practical work experience in your field through volnteer work, internships and summer jobs. 

Plan to Stand Out From the Crowd

Particularly in a tough labor market, fitting in and being very good isn't always good enough, you need to plan to be remarkable. Most job seekers are content with very good, so it's actually not that difficult to be remarkable in your job search. Take those few extra steps that your competition disregards, and you'll easily stand out from the crowd.

  • Visit your college placement office for advice
  • Visit your alumni office, some colleges offer good networking and mentoring opportunities between students and alumni
  • Employ smart job search strategies such as conducting informational interviews and accessing the hidden job market.

Remember, careers aren't build overnight, and a student job search should not begin just weeks before graduation. With a little bit of planning and a willingness to go the extra mile, you will stand out from the crowd when you're ready to launch your career.

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