Effective Resume Distribution Strategies

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There are several effective resume distribution strategies. Here are your best options.

You may submit your resume to employers:

  • in person
  • by email
  • online through a company website or a resume posting site
  • very occasionally by regular mail

When you submit your resume, always be very careful to follow the employer's instructions precisely. If you are submitting a hard copy of your resume, avoid folding or stapling your resume. A fold in your resume makes it more difficult for an employer to review quickly, and it takes away from the professional look of your resume. If you need to place your resume in an envelope, be sure to use a large envelope that allows you to avoid folding your resume. 

Also, if you have several pages that you want to keep together, use a paper clip instead of a staple to secure the sheets. Most employers review a two page resume with each page side by side. That means, if your resume has been stapled, the employer will need to pull it apart. Again, this takes away from the clean, professional look of your resume. A paper clip will keep your documents in order when necessary but will also allow employers to view pages of your resume side by side. 

In Person Resume Distribution

If an employer has provided you with several options for submitting your resume, and one of those options allows you to drop of your resume in person, this is the best option for submitting your resume. 

When you submit your resume in person, you typically get the opportunity to see the workplace and meet some of the staff. You may even be fortunate enough to meet the person who is responsible for hiring. Go prepared to make a good impression because submitting your resume in person provides you with an opportunity to become more than just a piece of paper to the employer, or to other staff at the company, and that can be a big advantage over your competition. 

Also, submitting your resume in person requires more effort on your part than simply emailing a resume. That can also work to your advantage as it can demonstrate to the employer that you have a real, serious interest in working for that particular company. 

Submitting Your Resume by Email

Some employers will request an emailed resume. In this case, it's fine to submit your resume by email. It is wise, however, to avoid sending unsolicited emailed resumes, particularly emailed resumes sent as attachments. Unsolicited emailed resumes typically will not be read. 

Be sure to keep complete, accurate records of all of the resumes you have distributed. Note where and when you have submitted your resume and keep track of any usernames and passwords associated with online resumes you have posted. This record keeping will help you to remain organized, avoid submitting more than one resume to an employer and remember to resubmit resumes to job banks in order to keep you profile fresh dated and track all online resumes you have posted that you may wish to delete in the future.

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