One on One Interview Tips

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A one on one interview is what most job seekers tend to be most familiar and most comfortable with. These tips will help you to make a good impression at this type of interview.

This type of interview can take on a few different forms.

  • If you are competing for a job with a larger company, your first interview may be an initial screening interview with someone in the company's human resources department, so expect to be invited to a follow up interview if you make a good impression. At the follow up, you may meet with the supervisor of the department you would work in and/or several staff who work within that department.
  • At smaller organizations, you may be interviewed by the person who would be your direct supervisor if you were offered the job, or someone in a more senior position in the company. Again, this initial interview may be followed up with a second job interview.


  • Do not go into an interview without doing a little bit of company research. Information is easy to find online, so be sure you understand the main focus of the company's business, the type of clients or customers they serve, and consider any special skills you may possess that would be particularly valuable to the company based on the information you have gathered.
  • Practice answering common questions in a mock interview. Do not avoid practicing questions that are particularly difficult hoping the employer doesn't ask (they will likely come up).
  • Take some time to research career salaries, so you will be able to manage questions about salary expectations effectively.
  • Choose all of the clothing you plan to wear (that means everything including shoes, shoes or nylons, etc.). Try it all on and ensure everything is clean and in good condition.
  • Gather copies of your resume, cover letter, reference sheet and any other documents you want to bring with you, along with a couple of pens and some blank paper in a professional looking folder.
  • Ensure you know exactly where the interview will be held, how to get there, and how much travel time you need to allow. Take a trip out to the location before if you are unfamiliar with the area.
  • Prepare your reference list, and contact the people who have agreed to provide you with references so you can prepare your references for a possible call from the employer.
  • Prepare a list of questions to ask the employer.

Remember, although most people are fairly comfortable with the idea of a one on one interview (as opposed to other techniques employers use), an employer can use a variety of techniques within the structure of a one on one interview. Be ready for the employer to use any of the following techniques:

Preparation is the key to success at any type of interview. Take the time to prepare and practice answers to common questions, and get everything you will need on that day ready ahead of time, and you will be ready to make the best impression possible at a one on one interview.

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