Midlife Career Change

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The need to make a midlife career change is quite common. Your priorities and responsibilities change across your lifetime, so it shouldn't be surprising if your career needs also change across your lifetime.

If you're willing and able to commit to doing the work it will take to become marketable in your new career, there is no need to feel trapped in a job that no longer meets your needs.

The articles below provide plenty of information and tips on making a career change. 

Making a Midlife Career Change: Making a career change as a result of changing priorities in your life has become quite common. Read about several smart reasons for making a career change. 

Second Careers: Pursuing a second career may be a matter of choice when, for instance, your first career choice no longer fits with your values, needs and expectations, or second careers may also arise out of necessity when you face layoffs and a challenging labor market in your existing career and industry. 

Second Career Options: When considering second careers many people make the mistake of assuming they'll have to abandon all of the momentum, skills and experience they've built up from their current career and jump into something completely new and unrelated. While it is possible and sometimes necessary to make that kind of drastic career change, a subtle shift can often be a better career change option for people looking at second careers. 

High Paying Careers: Finding high paying careers that are a good fit for your natural abilities and your preferences and values need not be a difficult task. Salary information is an important factor when making a career decision, and there are plenty of free, reliable resources that will help you find high paying careers in your area. 

Retirement Jobs and Career Planning After Retirement: Finding appropriate retirement jobs has become an important aspect of career management for many people. Instead of completely leaving paid employment a significant number of people have choose some form of phased retirement in which they find "retirement jobs" that allow them to phase down but not completely leave work and career responsibilities. 

Second Career Choice in Your Thirties: Pursuing a second career choice and making a career change in your thirties is quite common. Often your first career decisions happen at some point in your late teens or early twenties. Those early career decisions are be made with 20 something priorities and values in mind. So, it's not surprising that people can reach their thirties and find that their career choices are no longer a good fit with their values or personal goals. 

Job Search Secrets for Older Workers: These job search secrets for older workers will help you to minimize age as an issue in your next job search. 

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