Interview Follow Up Letter Template

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Sending an interview follow up letter is an extremely easy way to stand out from the competition. This template will show you how to write great thank you notes.

Your thank you note should include comments about specific topics that were discussed in the interview. Avoid form letters; they are insincere and don't make a good impression. Send the letter so that it arrives in time to impact that hiring decision.

Post-Interview Thank You Note Template

First paragraph

Thank the employer for the interview. Mention something you enjoyed about the interview, such as meeting staff on the team, or something you had in common with the interviewer.

Second paragraph

Express your interest in working with the company and be very specific about the reasons why you would enjoy that particular job. Note ways in which your specific skills and experience are a good match for the employer's needs.

Third paragraph

Note your interest in hearing from the employer. Mention any plans you may have to follow up on the learning the result of the interview.

The job interview follow up steps that you take can sometimes play a significant role in helping you to land the job you are pursuing. If, based on your interview, the employer decided you were not a strong candidate for the job, a thank you letter won't get you the job. However, if the employer is trying to make a tough decision between hiring you and another strong candidate, sending a thank you letter after the job interview can be enough to sway the employer's decision in your favor.

For more thank you note tips please see: Interview Thank You Letter.

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