Functional Resume Format

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This functional resume format will help you set up your own functional resume

Before you jump in and start writing your own functional resume, please take some time to determine if a functional resume is really the type of resume that is best for you. The article called Resume Formats will give you some insight into the best resume format for your needs.

If you do decide that a functional resume format is the best choice for your needs, the following functional resume template will help you set up your resume.

Jane Somebody 
123 Anywhere Street, City, State 
(555) 000-0000


Use a specific profile that states the type of work you are seeking. Avoid vague, general profiles.


  • A functional resume will include a substantial list of your marketable skills 
  • Group your skills under headings that make sense 
  • Some common headings include: Customer Service Skills, Administrative Skills, Organization Skills, Project Management Skills, Technical Skills and Computer Skills 
  • Each heading should include 5-8 points that describe skills that fit under the heading 
  • Dividing your skills into groups with 5-8 points each makes your functional resume easier to read


  • Use as many headings and sections as necessary to describe your skills 
  • While resumes can be two pages long, if you use a functional resume, your resume probably won't go beyond one page in length 
  • A true functional resume does not include a section that outlines your work history or your education 
  • The skills section of your functional resume is crucial because it is the only information the employer will have to determine if you are right for the job 
  • Once you've highlighted your most important, marketable skills on your functional resume, that's it, there's nothing else that needs to be included on the resume.


  • Continue filling out each section with relevant, marketable skills until you've highlighted all of your marketable skills

The functional resume format is really quite a simple, straightforward resume style. Do take time to think through all of the skills you include on this resume, and also, please take time to confirm that it really is a functional resume that you want to use an not another resume format.

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