How to Find Unadvertised Jobs

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Trade journals can be a great resource to find unadvertised jobs as well as advertised jobs. Subscribing to trade journals in your industry will help you to keep up to date with your field, and you'll be aware of new developments that will impact staffing needs within your industry.

Read between the lines of stories in trade journals to find unadvertised jobs in your industry. Are there big technological developments in your field? Are there changes in the way your industry is funded? Are there new programs, products or services that are being developed or launched? All of these developments could mean job opportunities. If you meet with the right people in your industry to discuss these changes, you may present a solution to upcoming staffing issues.

If you read an interesting article in a trade magazine about a topic that really intrigues you, and you'd love to speak with the author or the person who was interviewed, contact them. Use the article as a starting point to launch the conversation and ask for an informational interview

For example, you could say, "I read your article in The Widget Industry Magazine; I'm interested in learning more about this field and wondered if I could take 20 minutes of your time to come in and ask a few questions." 

You'd be truly surprised at how often people are willing to meet with colleagues who show a genuine interest in their work, and your meeting could help you to find unadvertised jobs and make some great industry contacts.

Look for upcoming industry conventions and trade shows in your area; they are typically advertised in trade journals and can provide outstanding networking opportunities.

Industry or trade journals can also be one of your best sources for finding good advertised jobs. Sometimes employers will advertise job vacancies; however, instead of advertising in a general, big city newspaper that everyone reads, they'll advertise in trade journals. It's an effective way to pre-screen candidates, since typically, only people who have a serious interest in that industry will be reading those trade publications. Advertising job vacancies in trade journals, therefore, limits the number of applications from people with no specific experience or interest in a given industry.

Trade journals are an excellent resource to help you find unadvertised jobs as well as advertised jobs in your field. If you don't know what trade journals are available in your industry, check with your professional association, or check your local library.

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