Cover Letter for Job Ads

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When you are writing a cover letter for job ads, it will be important to use a few simple strategies to help you to stand out from the crowd. When employers advertise job openings, they are often inundated with resumes, so you'll really need to do what it takes to get noticed.

Cover Letter for Job Ads Tips to Get You Noticed

Read through the ad carefully and highlight the specific skills and experience the employer has requested in the ad. Demonstrate in the cover letter that you have those skills.

Even if you have mentioned those skills in your resume, if the employer has noted them in the job ad, mention them in your cover letter. It shows the employer that you have considered and addressed all of his or her needs. Do avoid repeating your resume word for word, instead use your cover letter to expand a bit on those skills or provide a brief example. 

If the employer has asked for a specific skill or some experience that you do not have, do not apologize for that. Avoid a phrase like, "Although I do not have ten years of experience, as you requested in the job ad…"If you point out a shortcoming in any way, it will only be seen in a negative light. Simply highlight all of the reasons why you are a great fit for the job.

Do your best to determine who the employer is. It's not always possible, but often a little research really pays off.

Your cover letter for job ads will make the greatest impact when you take the time to research the company and address each of the employer's specific needs based on the information listed in the job ad.

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