ATS Optimized Resume Sample

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Here is an ATS optimized resume sample. Below the resume, you'll see an explanation describing why certain formatting choices were made.

Jane Somebody

123 Any Street, Faketown, State, Zip Code
(000) 000-0000


Administrative professional with seven years of experience in the nonprofit sector. Able to prioritize and manage conflicting demands. Exceptional technical skills including proficiency with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Prezi; type 80 words per minute.


  • Proven ability to meet strict deadlines, ensure accuracy of work and manage conflicting demands effectively
  • Thorough knowledge of and ability to research community resources developed over 7 years working at local, non-profit community organizations
  • Able to resolve common computer hardware issues for staff and clients in resource center
  • Exhibit a professional and welcoming demeanor to clients and co-workers; earned reputation as a resourceful problem solver with high degree of integrity
  • Bilingual in English and Spanish


ABC Organization Incorporated

City, State
Administrative Assistant
2019 - present

  • Provide administrative support to two workshop facilitators; assist additional team of counselors as required
  • Prepare correspondence and training materials for facilitators
  • Contact clients by telephone on a weekly basis to ensure participation in workshops, and promote agency programs; telephone contact improves workshop attendance by 20%
  • Accurately manage client data for up to 1000 clients per year using Excel and complete monthly, quarterly and annual reports for counselors, executive director and funding partners
  • Developed new database system to efficiently compile and analyze large volume and variety of client data; new system significantly reduced time required to complete monthly, quarterly and annual reports
  • Liaise with community partners to determine additional resources for clients and colleagues and to promote agency programs

XYZ Organization LLC
City, State
Administrative Assistant
2015 - 2019

  • Provided administrative support for team of six counselors, each managing a case load of 100+ clients per year
  • Prepared confidential correspondence and scheduled meetings for counselors
  • Independently researched and developed teaching resources and community resource packages for counselors and clients
  • Provide reception assistance and administrative support for executive director

Another Organization LLC
City, State
2014 - 2015

  • Provided professional, friendly telephone and in person assistance for clients; answered approximately 50 incoming calls per day on a multi-line system and greeted and assisted up to 30 clients per day in a resource center environment
  • Received and distributed incoming mail; responded to mail and email inquiries
  • Ensured office equipment was in working order and rectified common computer hardware problems for clients and colleagues
  • Prepared confidential correspondence for colleagues
  • Scheduled appointments for staff of seven counselors and organized monthly team meetings and charity events
  • Maintained office supply inventory; tracked and ordered supplies monthly


Business Administration Diploma
ABC College
City, State


Anytown Community Organization
City, State
2018 - present

  • Manage all website updates, and write and distribute meeting minutes and newsletters to staff and volunteers
  • Receive donations, issue receipts for cash received, maintain payment records
  • Manage budgets, accounts and financial statements and present financial data to the management committee
  • Prepare Treasurer's Report for annual general meeting and advise management committee on funding requirements for future projects

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Analysis of the ATS Optimized Resume Sample:

Contact Information

Each piece of the contact information is on a single line and left justified. This format certainly doesn't look as attractive as a traditional resume written for human eyes, but it is simple and not likely to cause problems with the ATS.

There is no unexpected information in this section. If this job seeker was applying to a job that was far from her home, she might consider omitting her mailing address to avoid being screened out based on location.


Laptop, smartphone, and cup of coffee on desk. Text overlay - How to format your resume for applicant tracking systems. Sample ATS optimized resume.

First, notice that this heading (and all of the other headings) is typed in all capitals and bolded with a line break separating out each section. This resume formatting helps the ATS to understand we have reached a new section.

Also, notice that all of the section headings are standard, and straightforward. It is important to avoid non-standard section heading on resumes written for ATS screening.

The profile lists the exact job title the job seeker is applying to, and it includes some relevant keywords. This job seeker would have researched keywords before writing this resume to ensure she was able to weave in plenty of relevant words and phrases that will likely be used to score resumes submitted for this job.


The summary is written in bulleted point form, which makes it more readable for an ATS. This particular summary is fairly short, but it would be fine to include several more points in the list if adding those points helped show this person's full range of skills and experience and allowed her to add more relevant keywords to the resume.

Work Experience

The work experience is straightforward, and in reverse chronological order. Notice the way the employment information is organized. It is important to write your dates of employment after the company name and after your job title, otherwise some applicant tracking system software may misinterpret the information.

Also, notice the words "incorporated" and "LLC" are included after the company name. It is wise to use the full, formal company name on an ATS optimized resume because those "company words" help the software to understand that is the company name.


Again, the organization of this section is important. Ensure the dates come last when you set up your education information.

The job seeker has not included any detailed information about her education. If adding some information about her course work allowed her to add more relevant skills, she could have included that information in bulleted point form.


The recommendations for this section are the same as the previous two sections, ensure the dates are last, and look for opportunities to include relevant keywords in the description of your volunteer work.

Please note that it is optional to include a section describing your volunteer work on your resume. Only add this information if it shows skills and experiences that are relevant to the job you are seeking.

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