Strange Interview Questions

A collection of strange interview questions that readers have been asked at job interviews and insights into how to handle these questions.

Most Embarrassing Moment

I was once asked at a job interview, "Please tell us about your most embarrassing moment."

It is not really a crazy interview question, but it was sure difficult to answer. It is worse than the dreaded weakness question.

I told a story about being pulled over on a moped while on a first date. It is illegal for 2 people to ride on a moped at the same time in the state I was living in at the time. I did not have a car and I had to park the moped. I had to end up canceling the date until I could figure out something else to do.

The interviewer asked the question because he wanted to see if we could think on our feet. It is a question most people are not prepared for. It was a group interview so it also shows if you are comfortable telling your story in front of other people.

What I learned from this job interview is to make sure you think before you speak. It is o.k. to take your time to answer a question and it makes you look better.

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Crazy interview question - How many quarters to reach moon?


How many quarters would it take to reach the moon if they were stacked one on top of the other and why? I had no earthly idea! This was for a call center / inside sales job.

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Crazy Interview Question About Office Furniture

I was asked what other uses do office furniture have besides being used for work purposes. They wanted me to give practical answers.

I though the question was crazy because I immediately thought of movies or shows were you see the boss and his secretary being intimate on their desks after hours or people copying body parts on copy machines. Office furniture is designed to be ergonomic, comfortable and to meet the needs of the business at a reasonable cost. What other practical uses could there be?

I answered the question and said that some people use office furniture to decorate a home office or gaming station at their home. I did mention however that people tend to want their home office to look nothing like their actual work office and that different pieces would be chosen.

The employer was a manufacturer of office furniture. I don't know if they were looking for new ideas for office furniture or were thinking of branching away from office furniture to different furniture businesses.

I think when approached with a strange question, perhaps the first though in your head is not the best answer. Had I answered with the first thought in my head, I would have been escorted out of the building. Chances are they are looking for a creative and insightful answer.

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Kitchen Utensils Job Interview Question

by Ryan

I was at an interview that was going very well and it was nearing the end and I was thrilled. Then, one of the two interviewers said they had one more question. I thought that after answering their other questions, anything they threw at me wouldn't hurt my chances.

Although I was right, the last question they asked me was very interesting, but humorous. With a straight face, the interviewer asked, "If you could be any kitchen utensil, what would it be and why?"

I thought this was a crazy question because my interview had nothing to do with food service or anything related to kitchen utensils. Regardless, I said the first thing that came to my mind, a rubber scraper.

They smiled at my answer and then asked me why a rubber scraper. I told them I would be a rubber scraper because they get to scrape the batter out of bowls and I love batter (which actually isn't true).

I think the interviewers asked that question to see if I had creative thoughts and to see if I could think on my feet.

When it comes to strange job interview questions I think interviewees need to be themselves and not be afraid to give goofy answers to goofy questions. It might be just what they're looking to hear!

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Interview Question to Test Your Integrity

The craziest question I have ever been asked during a job interview was, "If you knew a way you would be able to look at pornography on the internet during work and not get caught, would you do it?" This question was crazy because it really is a deep question that pertains to work ethics and honesty.

Most people do things that they shouldn't if they know there is no chance of getting caught. This is why this particular question is tricky. The question states that you know you can get away with it, not that you can probably get away with it.

My dilemma was to either lie or tell the truth. After contemplating my answer uncomfortably for about thirty seconds I told the interviewer that I truthfully would not.

I believe the employer asked the question in order to see the honesty and integrity I had. A tip I have about answering interview questions is to say the truthful answer because if you lie to make the answer sound better, then down the road if you accidentally contradict yourself at work you lose all integrity and trust. Lying gets you nowhere in life.

Good luck in future interviews, and remember integrity tells a lot about a person.

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Room Colors

by Mitchell
(Albany, NY )

I was asked during an interview in an office what I thought about the color of the room and lighting and whether I believed the color would influence the work. Keep in mind this was office work and not a fashion or design house type of job.

The room happened to have been a deep purple. I answered that I thought the room was an inappropriate color for a professional office.
Personally, while I don't know that colors actually alter the work product, I could see it being an interference with actually sitting in the room all day.

I also noted that the lighting which was recessed was extremely spaced out and although I did not wear glasses I found it too low for an office setting. I indicated that I thought they could poll the office workers to see what color could be preferable to the employees.

Assuming the purple did not win out, I suggested the room should be repainted. I also indicated that either flouressent lighting or additional recessed lighting be added. I also indicated they should use the new bulbs that last longer if they kept the recessed.

I am not sure why the employer asked the question except to see how fast a potential applicant could think about unusual questions which come up from customers or clients during any job.

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Interview Questions About Morals

While interviewing for one of my first few jobs the person doing the interviewing began asking many questions that I believe were meant to test what sort of morals I have.

It started with simple questions such as "If you saw a co-worker stealing would you turn them in?" but soon become more and more far fetched. I was asked what I would do if I had witnessed a murder, if I had ever sold illegal drugs to an illegal alien, etc. By the end of these series of questions I was asked possibly the most strange question I have ever been asked before by anyone. The following statement was read from a sheet of paper (I can only assume this is their 'template' that a very strange individual must have come up with); If an elderly man came up to you and offered you drugs, would you either accept or consider accepting this offer while on the clock?" I was completely stunned by this and really had no idea what to say. I quickly figured that simply saying no was the best course of action and I did so. I ended up getting the job but later the company went bankrupt. I am not sure if the questionnaire had anything to do with it or not.

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