How to Prepare a Resume and Get Back to Work

The Resume Writing Guide

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My book, The Resume Writing Guide, turns the daunting chore of creating a resume into a series of small, achievable tasks. 

It's the only book I know of that clearly and painlessly takes you one step at a time from staring at a blank screen to completing a winning resume.

Using this book is like a having a career coach by your side guiding you through every step of the process. It shows you exactly how to prepare a resume that shows you at your absolute best.

The Resume Writing Guide follows the process I have used for over ten years to write effective resumes for all kinds of people from all walks of life. It starts with the first question I ask every client - What type of job do you want to target? - and continues through the process one step at a time, one small task at a time, until you have created your own resume that works based on your own individual career history.



Inside The Resume Writing Guide You'll Find...

Clear, step-by-step guidance

Other books just present a list of rules and best practises and leave it up to you to figure out how to apply all of those rules. The Resume Writing Guide is a workbook that takes you one step at a time through the process of creating a resume. You'll work through a series of small, manageable assignments to develop a winning resume that shows you at your best.

Advice from a career coach who has years of real-world experience

There are plenty of bad resume books by authors who have never written a resume for anyone other than themselves. I've worked with about 2000 clients and written over 1000 resumes, so I know the best process to take people from blank page to winning resume, and I know the worries and challenges job seekers face and how to address those issues on a resume.

Affordable job search help

You're getting the advice of an experienced career coach without paying the expensive fees of resume writers who normally charge $200 or more for a single resume.

Guidance on presenting the parts of your work history that aren't "perfect"

The Resume Writing Guide shows you what to do if you are: a recent graduate, an older worker, making a career change, dealing with gaps in your work history, trying to find work in a competitive or declining industry. This book goes well beyond general resume writing rules and shows you what to do in specific, challenging situations.

Advice with a proven track record of success

I can't promise you'll find a job within a specific time frame, but I can promise that the strategies in the book are the same strategies I've used with 2000 clients. Of those 2000 clients, 80% of them found a job within three months of working with me. That's how I know the information in my book is effective.

A better job and a better life

The quality of the job you find depends a lot on your job search skills, and the quality of the life you lead depends a lot on the job you find. The Resume Writing Guide teaches you how to prepare a resume that gets you one step closer to finding work, so you can take more control of your financial future and build a better life.

How This Advice Helped Just a Few of My Clients...

Thomas - Unemployed, Homeless, and Working in Less Than a Month

I'm happy to report that on Friday I was offered the position of Environmental Planner at a local company. It is just the job I was looking for. I wanted to thank you for your very helpful advice. My resume is much better than it was a month ago. 


When Thomas came to me, he was homeless, and he hadn't worked in over two years. He also lived in a city where jobs were hard to come by. Although he had a lot of barriers to finding a job, he was incredibly motivated to get back to work and turn his life around.

We worked together to create a resume that highlighted his skills and strengths and downplayed the gap in his employment history and his unfinished high school diploma.

Within about three weeks he came back to my office to thank me and tell me he was working at a great job! The new resume, along with his hard work and motivation, did the trick!

Stephen - Injured, Broke, Forced into a Career Change, Found a Job He Loves

Your assistance was very much welcome at a most difficult part of my work life. Actually, one I would have preferred not to have experienced... being unemployed. Please accept my warmest thanks and heartfelt gratitude. 


When Stephen first came to see me, he had been out of work for many months and was in real financial distress. He had worked as an automotive mechanic for several years, but because of a back injury, he was no longer able to do that job.

Stephen wanted to work in small engine repair because the physical demands of that job were manageable, and his skills as an automotive mechanic would transfer well. Unfortunately, he had not been able to make what should have been a simple career shift.

Somewhere along the way, Stephen had paid a "professional" resume writer who gave him terrible advice.

I wanted to take a quick moment to say thank you for the excellent information. It is extremely helpful and timely!! You certainly demonstrate enthusiasm, along with a large knowledge base. 


She had removed all of his work history from his resume because his experience was different from the new job he was seeking. So Stephen, a man with excellent experience very closely related to the work he was seeking, had been sending employers resumes with absolutely no work experience listed on it.

We worked together to add his experience back into his resume and improved the points describing his skills so they were more specific and also relevant to his new career. He was interested in applying to a maintenance job at a local golf course, so we made sure the resume was highly targeted to that job.

A few weeks later, Stephen told me had been hired at the golf club. The job was a perfect fit for him, and he was thrilled to be working at a job that was suitable for his physical limitations and a good fit with his skills, and he was completely relieved to be earning a reliable income again.