Functional Resume Example for a Manufacturing Job

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I have to say, I have mixed feelings about posting this functional resume example.

On one hand, people are curious about this resume format, but on the other hand, I believe a functional resume is never the right choice for a job seeker in any situation.

Sample functional resume plus, a much better option for people who don't have a perfect work history.

Because this resume style omits all work experience and education, job seekers sometimes use it to try to hide concerns like gaps in their work history or incomplete education. The problem is, employers know you're hiding something, and they just don't trust a resume written in this style.

I've never written a functional resume for any client, and I've worked with about 2000 clients. There is always a better way to minimize concerns with your work history or education.

In fact, I've worked with several clients who came to me with a functional resume and had been unsuccessfully job searching for months. We worked together to change to a combination format, and they were working soon after they started sending out the new, improved format.

So, with reservations, here is a functional resume example. Before you use this format, though, please consider using a combination resume instead.

Karen Jobseeker
59 Imaginary Street, City, State
Home: (555) 000-0000
Cell: (000) 000-0000


Machine operator with 5 years of experience in a resin manufacturing plant. Safe and dependable worker; able to troubleshoot and meet quality standards and production quotas.

Summary of Skills

  • Mechanically inclined; able to troubleshoot basic mechanical problems on equipment
  • Experienced with safely handling and transferring hazardous chemicals
  • Able to work and plan daily tasks independently
  • Member of Emergency Team; trained in first aid, spill response and cleanup, fire response
  • Health and Safety Committee member
  • Cross-trained; successfully qualified to work in a variety of production positions
  • Trained and experienced in correct machine lockout techniques for equipment cleaning
  • Able to regularly lift and transfer 40 pound bags

Machine Operator

  • Monitored and adjusted various aspects of the production process to ensure customer requirements were met, including product inspection
  • Maintained expected production rates and met production goals
  • Investigated and resolved quality concerns
  • As part of 5S team, reorganized production area to create cleaner and more efficient work area; reduced wasted effort and improved housekeeping
  • Performed daily equipment safety inspections


  • Packaged finished product coming from production lines for shipment to customer
  • Performed final quality inspection on product before sealing and packaging
  • Consistently maintained expected pace of work and met daily targets
  • Cross trained in a variety of production roles to fill in during breaks and vacations

Here is an explanation of why this functional resume was formatted in this specific style.

example of a functional resume

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