Create a Good First Impression

by Arva Rangwala
(Cairo, Egypt)

In our medium sized organization, incoming resumes for all positions are scanned and shortlisted by me (HR Assistant) for further interviewing.

I have reviewed a lot of resumes, and the best way for a candidate to create a good resume is to include specific information and qualifications which match the job applied for, along with a solid objective in the beginning, which gives a great first impression.

Keep the format neat and elegant and don't overdo it with very fancy fonts. Use easily readable ones, the best, in my opinion, are Arial or Verdana.

Many candidates provide more personal data that is not really related to the work they are supposed to perform. I have had a resume which had almost half a page of personal information which extended to details like number of children.

What happens is, most of us have hundreds of resumes to go through and don't have time to read all these irrelevant details. Therefore, I usually put them directly in the bin. Also, the personal data should be best kept at the end of the resume and limited only to volunteer work (if it's relevant to the job).

Many people apply for different positions and do not change their job objective and experience details accordingly in their resume, which could affect their chances of getting shortlisted.

If you are applying for different positions the best way is to keep 2-3 resumes handy, which details qualifications and experiences, accordingly.

Also, do remember to get good advice with grammar and spelling, and be aware of the meaning of vocabulary used (if your resume is created by a professional resume writer) so that you are prepared and know what your resume states.

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Good Resume Writing Advice
by: Lisa McGrimmon

Arva, your comment:

"be aware of the meaning of vocabulary used (if your resume is created by a professional resume writer) so that you are prepared and know what your resume states."

is very insightful and important.

It can be very helpful to get professional assistance with preparing your resume. Do remember, though, that no matter who writes your resume, you are still responsible for the information on your resume.

If a professional resume writer has helped you create your resume, review your resume carefully and ensure you understand, agree with and can back up all of the comments on your resume.

If there is any content on your resume that is unclear to you or seems inaccurate, speak with the person who helped you with your resume, and ask him or her to explain the comment. If the content still seems unclear or inaccurate after your resume writer explains what he or she meant, ask to have that section edited so it is accurate and understandable.

After all, you can have a fantastic looking resume that gets you to the job interview, but you have to be able to back up the content of your resume in the interview, in order to get the job.

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