Career Change for My Daughter

by Kelly Borntrager
(Milan, IN, US)

When my daughter was born, I suddenly felt the need to have her look up to me. I wanted to be proud of my career and set a good example for my daughter.

I knew that I wanted to do something in the healthcare setting, but I wasn't sure what. So I started taking some CNA classes and realized that wasn't for me. Then I looked into the Nursing program at a local college. I was very interested in it so I started taking prerequisites for the degree.

While I was in college, I wanted to quit my job as a waitress and start working in a health facility until I could get my degree in Nursing, so I started taking classes for Medical Assisting. That field has so many opportunities that I just couldn't pass up.

Once I graduated with my Medical Assisting Degree (while still taking classes to be an RN) I started working at a hospital as a Phlebotomist/Lab Assistant. I became very good at it and loved the environment. The whole staff of the hospital is so friendly and treats each other and the patients so kindly that I knew I never wanted another job again.

When I saw how much responsibility (good and bad) that the nurses held, I stopped taking the RN classes. I knew that I wanted to stay in the lab for as long as they will have me. I couldn't be happier with my job now! The only downfall is the money isn't as much as an RN, but the compensation for that is actually loving my job!

Changing careers was not easy, especially when it came to being away from my daughter for longer while I finished college, but in the long run it was well worth it.

I think for anyone that is thinking about making a career change, it's a must. You have to be happy with your job otherwise you will never want to actually work. You will be happier in your home life as well.

The best advice that I could give a person thinking about a career change is to honestly think about what you want to be... not just what can accommodate you for now.

Research to make sure you're making the right decision, and then research the things that you will need to accomplish to meet your goal. Sit down and write out the steps that you will need to take to accomplish what you want to do, and just take it one step at a time.

Once you get to the end of that list, you will be a happier person and have more self-confidence knowing that YOU MADE THIS HAPPEN!

Good luck with everything!

Lisa's Response

Kelly, what a wonderful and moving story about making a career change. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and advice.

I love your comment, "honestly think about what you want to be... not just what can accommodate you for now". It is so true and so important. People often think smaller than they need to because they only consider their current situation, they don't also look at what they want in the future.

Of course you have to be realistic about what you can manage in the present, but often, when making a career change, you also have to make some sacrifices in the present in order to achieve what you want for your future.

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