Administrative Assistant Resume Sample

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Here's an administrative assistant resume sample that is written using the combination format. It illustrates how to set up your resume if you've worked at several companies through a temporary staffing agency.

Woman's hands typing on laptop on a desk with text overlay - How to format your resume when you've held a lot of temp agency jobs.

If you have been at a lot of companies doing temp work, it is important to structure your resume carefully so it doesn't appear that you have been job jumping. Employers are usually concerned when they see too many jobs in a short period of time on a resume because they worry you have either quit or been fired many times, and that raises concerns in their minds about your work ethic or your ability to do the job well.

With temp positions, you work for a lot of different employers because of the nature of the work, not because of any concerns with your ability to do the job. The best way to show work through a temporary agency on your resume without appearing to be job jumping is to list the staffing agency as the employer and group all of the jobs together as you will see in the example below.

That way, you get to show all of your experience without having to list a lot of short contracts.

Administrative Assistant Resume Sample

Anna Fakename
456 Imaginary Street, City, State
(555) 555-5555


Bilingual administrative assistant with exceptional computer skills and eight years of experience providing administrative support in nonprofit community agencies.


  • Type 70 words per minute error-free
  • Advanced skill with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Prezi; knowledge of basic HTML
  • Exceptional knowledge of community resources coupled with strong research skills
  • Greet all clients in a professional and friendly manner, and maintain poise and clear thinking in a busy, constantly changing work environment
  • Bilingual in English and Spanish


Administrative Assistant, Anytown Temporary Agency, City, State


  • Successfully completed several contract positions including a three month contract at ABC
  • Company, and a six month contract at XYZ Company
  • Schedule appointments, prepare correspondence and manage invoices
  • Standardized paper and digital filing system
  • Answer a multi-line phone system; handle 50 to 60 calls per day

Administrative Assistant, XYZ Resource Center, City, State


  • Greeted clients, assisted clients in finding print and online materials in the resource center and scheduled appointments for three counselors
  • Scheduled quarterly meetings and handled travel arrangements for 3 senior managers; arranged meal orders, prepared audio-visual equipment, made travel arrangements and maintained documentation for expense reports
  • Compiled and prepared presentation visual aids for weekly and quarterly meetings
  • Purchased business supplies, maintained cost records and ensured costs remained within budget; negotiated contract with existing suppliers, which resulted in 20% savings in the cost of all office supplies
  • Created volunteer training manual, which streamlined training of 20 volunteers, clarified responsibilities and eliminated duplication of tasks
  • Updated company website on a weekly basis and compiled monthly office newsletter
  • Organized annual general meetings; researched and booked venues, booked travel and accommodations for guest speakers, and arranged catering


Advanced Microsoft Office Certificate, XYZ College, City, State


Office Administration Diploma, ABC College, City, State


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Administrative Assistant Resume Formatting Tips

Here is the same resume with notes added about formatting.

Sample administrative assistant resume

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