Career Education

Investing in your career education can mean more career options and often more income. However, not all programs are created equal, and not all education will lead to a brighter future. Learn how to assess career education programs to choose courses that will really help you reach your career goals.

If you're considering a return to school, it will be important to be smart about the schools you choose as well as the programs you choose. There are plenty of things to think about when making decisions about your education.

  • What is the best school for your needs?
  • What is the best learning environment for your learning style?
  • What is the best school in your chosen field?
  • How do employers view the school and/or program you are considering?
  • What program or major best fits your expectations, abilities, interests as well as the labor market conditions in your area?
  • Where can you get unbiased information about the schools and programs you are considering?
  • How can you be smart about evaluating the information that is given to you?
  • How can you turn your education into an actual career?
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